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DevHacks is returning between 26-27th of November
IN-PERSON at Cluj-Napoca

Thank you!

See you in 2023 with a new edition!

See you in-person @NORD Events Center, in Bucharest or @Stables in Cluj-Napoca.


DevHacks 2022 is challenging you to code for 24h in The Code Factory!

Join us between 19-20th of November to be part of a cool experience based on coding, fun, networking & cool ideas that will help the society we are living in.


During a 24h hackathon, you can choose one of the 5 challenges: Climate Change, Smart Cities, Health, IoT in Automotive, and Digital Transformation.


Not only will you have the chance to win one of the 15+ prizes but you will also be part of the CHANGE, CODE & CONTRIBUTE with your best ideas for a better world.

Plus, the new entry is that we are coming to Cluj, on 26-27 November, with another 24h challenge powered by MassMutual Romania.

November 26 - 27 in Cluj Napoca

Smart Office Hackathon powered by MassMutual Romania

Take regular office booking apps to the next level by using technology to bring value and enhance future experiences for people currently choosing to work from office spaces. You can think of ideas that can support the following or come up with an idea of your own:

Boosting live, in-person interactions;

Adding value by collecting, analyzing, and quantifying feedback in innovative ways; 

Maximizing efficiency and encouraging environmentally friendly and sustainable behaviors;

Creating reward systems for those who engage the most to build excitement that lasts. Join us and you have the chance to win: 

1st place – 2000 EUR 

2nd place – 1500 EUR 

3rd place – 1000 EUR. 

Popularity Pot – 1000 EUR 

November 19 - 20 in Bucharest

Climate Change Hackathon powered by Systematic

Big thinkers, techno-visionaries and computer developers – welcome to a hackathon dedicated to climate change.

This hackathon is about generating ideas on how we can create a better world for us all. As the infinite cost of climate change reaches irreversible highs, now is the time for bold collective action. The theme for this DevHacks session is related to tackling natural disasters. Natural disasters such as floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides, avalanches, and forest fires that took place in the last few years caused a huge loss of life, property, economy and infrastructure. And global warming is aggravating their frequency and intensity.  Developers of all backgrounds and skills are welcome to participate, and we’re looking forward to innovative contributions to an even more sustainable world.

By participating in this Hackathon, you have the chance to win: 1st prize - 1500 EUR, 2nd prize - 1000 EUR, and 3rd prize - 500 EUR.

November 19 - 20 in Bucharest

Smart Cities Hackathon powered by N-able

A "Smart city" is a city that uses technology to tie together communities, the natural environment and how people interact. The journey that communities and people must take to reach this goal is long and full of cultural, engineering, and natural challenges, but together we can reach our destination! Through our hackathon we would like to close the gap and shorten the journey. You will be using technology to increase quality of life, mobility, prosperity, efficiency of urban operations and services or any other solution that can get us closer to our goal in the century of speed. When you help us reach our “Smart City” destination, you can win big: 1st prize is 1500 EUR, 2nd prize is 1000 EUR and 3rd prize is 500EUR!

November 19 - 20 in Bucharest

Health Hackathon powered by MassMutual Romania

Develop new and innovative applications for wearable technology that encourages or enables a healthier lifestyle for people working in corporations. You can think of ideas that can support the following or come up with an idea of your own:

Physical exercise

Healthy Nutrition

Encouraging giving up unhealthy habits – giving up smoking

Improving sleep

Join us & be the winner of the money prizes: 1st place - 1500 EUR, 2nd place - 1000 EURO & 3rd place - 500 EUR. 

November 19 - 20 in Bucharest

IOT in Automotive Hackathon powered by HARMAN

Although its widespread use is relatively recent, life before the internet seems a distant memory. In cars, network use is set to expand drastically. Integrating the vehicle into the Internet of Things (IOT) will form the foundation of future mobility concepts and has the potential to deliver enormous benefits for everybody. HARMAN invites you to shape the future of IOT at 2022’s DevHacks edition.

By joining this hackathon, we guarantee you an amazing experience and if you are within the 3 winning teams, you can grab our prizes: 1st prize - 2000 EUR, 2nd prize - 1500 EUR, and 3rd prize - 500 EUR.

November 19 - 20 in Bucharest

Digital Transformation Hackathon powered by

Transform the way you are doing your shopping, reinvent how the client is doing the check-out, and transform your experience in a market or in your daily tasks. Digital-first is the answer.

Become digital leaders and join the adventure of building a revolutionary idea. The challenge can apply both offline/online. Let's make things easier for customers!

You have the chance to win money prizes: 1st prize - 1 500 EUR, 2nd prize - 1 000 EUR and 3rd prize - 500 EUR. 

Join DevHacks to be the change you want to see in the world!

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